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Loving Sai Ram and Greetings!!!


Moments Of Truth With Sathya Sai Code BNP 216   Price £3.00

…Sri Bishu Prusty, Radio Sai Global Harmony, Prashanti Nilayam This book gives a beautiful insight of the Sri Sathya Sai Avatar. Bishu’s reader-friendly approach is awesome!

- Sundar S, Director, Radio Sai

Bishu has gently unwrapped the different roles Swami plays in our lives. A worthy read!

- Prof. Sudhir Bhaskar, Director, SSS Centre of Human Values

Just the right dosage of inspiration… to stay tuned to Bhagawan

- Karuna Munshi, Director, Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini

When I started reading… I felt like I was having His darshan once again!

- Sai Shravanam, Founder and CEO, Resound India

We get so much more from Swami when we keenly observe and listen, rather than merely see and hear. Wonderfully compiled by Bishu!

- S. Ravi Kumar, Singer, Prasanthi Bhajan Group

This is one of its kinds to understand the un- understandable… you will not stop reading once you begin!

- K R Vedanarayanan, Prasanthi Vedam Group

Bhagawan’s love as powerful anecdotes… Bishu has written this book from his heart!

- Shalabh Mittal, CEO, School for Social Entrepreneurs


Pack of 12 CDs in mp3 Format

CODE MST 104 PRICE @ £ 27.00

BSM091 - Book comes with CD £7.00



Sai Merey Sai Code BNP 310   Price £6.00

…To sum up, the author’s feat of documenting his spiritual odyssey taking the reader and guiding him through his wonderful experiences is honest, tender and touching. In the process of sharing his experiences with the readers at large, he has bared his heart and soul. His treatment of the diverse topics interpreted in terms of Swami ’s teachings and his commentary on these is bold. Author’s deep love for and abiding faith in Swami and His teachings are palpable all through the book. His ability to analyze issues objectively on the touchstone not only of reason but also of faith, and navigate skillfully through their complexities, without getting lost in them, steering clear of the extraneous matter and homing in on the principal themes of the topics is refreshing and rejects clarity of vision and purpose and, of course, Swami ’s Grace. All those interested in spiritual pursuits would welcome this valuable addition to their existing libraries on this fascinating subject as there is much to learn.


A new book...

...a MUST read

An unusual spiritual journey: With warmth, honesty and humility, Louise Illig-Mooncie tells how the prejudice and hostility she experienced as a young German woman born just after the 2nd World War, prompted her inner search for meaning. After much spiritual effort, some dramatic psychic experiences and a first journey to Puttaparti (including an interview with Swami) Louise finds a karmic perspective, spiritual love and peace of mind.

Code BUK 409- Price: £9.99

We have in stock NADA BRAHMAN Vol. 1 to 13

Code CPR 191 to 205 and selling Price £ 6.00 each.


Code DVU 044 - Price: £6.00

DVD - ARPANAM Vol. 1 and 2

Code VCP 017 and 18 - Price: £5.50 ea




    Compendium of 45 years of Seva across the Globe
        Compendium 1965 -2010                                      

Code No. BPN 079 - Price £ 50.00 Packing & Postage £8.00 (UK Only)         

In His Infinite Divine Grace, on the eve of the auspicious Maha Shivratri, at 7.45 pm on Tuesday, 1 March 2011, our Beloved Bhagavan, inside the Prashanti Mandir Bhajan Hall, blessed and released a publication entitled:
Sri Sathya Sai - Sowing the Seeds of Divine Love...Compendium — Sri Sathya Sai Organisations Worldwide - 1965 - 2010.
This Compendium is a collection of the work undertaken by the Sathya Sai Seva Organisations in various fields during the last 45 years, in India and 135 overseas countries in the form of text, images, presentations and audio visuals. It also includes many inspiring articles, poems, books and Bhagavan’s Divine Messages all put together with love and devotion. It also provides a full account of the 85th Birthday Celebrations in November 2010 at Prashanti Nilayam, in various formats.
This Compendium truly describes the Work, Worship and Wisdom that has flowed so profusely from our Beloved Sai. lt will serve the present generation as a lighthouse and motivate them to serve their fellow human beings for years and years ahead. What’s more it will be an important source of reference for future generations being the authentic record of the Seva Work done during the time of the Sri Sathya Sai Avatar.
In spite of the heavy cost involved in making and shipping, the compendium has been reasonably and moderately priced at £50.00 per set that includes a book and a set of 12 DVDs each of 9 GB of data.
This compendium is ideal for every devotee, every centre, every group, every office bearer and every institution. It is a very good presentation that can be offered to guests and dignitaries whenever they preside over various events in the SSOs.

New Photographs

PSS 016 - Sai Samadhi A 4 Price: £ 3.00

PSS 017

Sai Samadhi 10" X 16" Price:   £ 5.00

PSS 015 Swami_Close_Up_Namaskar   size: A 4 - 8" X 11.5" Price:  £ 3.00

PSS 015 Swami Namaskar                          

A 4 size 10" X 8" Price:   £ 3.00


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