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The following is our selection of the DVDs we have in stock. Just click on the image to view a sample of each or to have a short Edarshan of Swami.

Phyllis Krystal (no 13)
At the San Diego Conference. At this Sai Conference Phyllis talks about the challenges of being on the spiritual path. (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>
The Way to Baba (no 21)
showing daily life in Prasanthi Nilayam, with Baba in his many roles - teacher, healer, confidant, world leader. (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>
Michael Macarthy (no 24)
An immensely entertaining and unusual account of the speaker’s transformation after meeting Sai Baba. (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>
Aura of Divinity (no 35)
Like all the Richard Bock films, a well-produced and professional film which tells the life-story of Baba. (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>
The Early Years (no 36)
A rare and powerful early film containing many historic moments in the Sai Story. (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>
The Universal Teacher (no 37)
An impressive early film, professionally made, in three parts. Part 1 - Facets of Faith Part 2 - Equanimity Part 3 - Mind & Meditation. (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>
Baba talks to Westerners in the interview room (no 38)
An extremely rare film of Sathya Sai Baba giving an entire hour-long interview. (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>
Amore, Amore, Amore (no 46)
An unusual and beautiful Darshan Film, made in Argentina by Atilio Spinello. (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>
The Song of Servicee (no 49)
This film is so beautiful and inspiring you’ll want to watch it over and over again. (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>
Personal Experiences (no 51)
Three well known UK devotees tell how they came to Baba and describe some of their interviews with Him. (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>
My Sweet Lord (no 61)
This video is a unique compilation of contemporary devotional songs coupled with some of the most recent and best close-ups of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>
Feelings (no 62)
A powerful darshan film, with spectacular visual effects symbolising Baba’s cosmic nature. (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>
Everything for Love (no 63)
An Atillio Spinelli Film. Outstanding visual effects mix with darshan scenes. (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>
Creation of the Golden Lingham (no 75)
This director’s technical mastery and artistic eye have given us a worthy setting for the most enchanting miracle. (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>
Isaac Tigrett 1 (no 81)
at the 16th North and South Central Region Sai Conference U.S.A. Sunday 30th May 1993 "Falling rain is like God’s Grace showering down on us". (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>
Pure Love (no 98)
A moving meditation - no words, just beautiful music and Baba. (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>
Being with Baba - "The Gopi Brigade" (no 147)
A group of Baba’s women devotees meet to share some extraordinary experiences with Him in the early days. (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>
Being with Baba - "The Rowdies" (no 148)
A group of five of Baba’s earliest Western devotees speak movingly of their experiences with Him in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>
Isaac Tigrett 2 (no 149)
Isaac Tigrett’s story is one of faith and patience: he went to Prashanti 15 times before Swami spoke to him. (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>
Introduction to Sathya Sai Baba (no 150)
His teachings and how they are translated into Education, Healthcare and Voluntary work systems worldwide. (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>
Classic Baba Films - Three in One (no 151)
Professionally made films for beginners and long-time devotees alike. (Price £7.00) view DVD clip >>





DVD No. 150 Introduction to Sathya Sai Baba and His Message for the Millennium.
Delivered to your door for £5.00 (click to read more)

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